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100% macrame handmade plant hanger

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100% macrame handmade plant hanger 

Are you a person who likes to decorate your home with lots of trees? But regular potted plants take up a lot of space and just bring the banality to your home. So why not try something new, this handmade plant hanger will bring a new look to your house. It’s made of high-quality materials, extremely durable, and uses safely. The product is suitable for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, baby nursery, or indoor garden. Plus, the energy from this plant hanger is amazing, you will receive clean oxygen from the plants. Therefore, you will feel joyful, confident, energetic. This is the best decoration for your house.

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Technology: 100% Hand weave
material: cotton rope + wood ring
size: about 90-100cm
new weight: 80-110g/pc
color: beige

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