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8 Pcs/Lot LED Solar Garden Light

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8 Pcs/Lot LED Solar Garden Light 

Item specifics:

    Style: Modern
    Features: Waterproof
    Protection Level: IP44
    Light Source: LED Bulbs
    Is Bulbs Included: Yes
    Power Source: Solar-Powered
    Light color: Warm white, White
    Working mode: automatic light control, steady
    Solar Panel 2V 40MA
    Battery: 1.2V 40MA  battery
    LED Quantity: 1pcs


    Safe, power-saving and Eco-friendly.
    Flexible, and easy to use.
    Suitable for outdoor decoration use.
    Made of high-quality material, with high brightness and no population
Note: This product is ship from overseas warehouse (Est Time of Delivery 14 days )
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Solar light use precautions

1. The solar light should be placed in a position that can be exposed to direct sunlight for 4 to 6 hours a day to ensure the brightness of the light.
And lighting time. The longer the sun shines during the day, the brighter and longer the night lights.

2. The solar light should also be placed at a location where there is no glare (such as a street light) at night, because the glare will
Start the light-sensing mechanism inside the product and automatically turn off the lighting function of the product, or cause the light to turn on.

3. In case of rainy weather, the charging efficiency of the product will be lower than normal, so the brightness of the night light may occur.
The situation of low lighting time and shortened lighting time is a normal phenomenon of solar lighting products.

4. If the product does not light up, it may be that the internal electricity of the battery has been exhausted.
Turn off the product and let the product charge in a direct sunlight for one day before using the product. If you still don’t charge after charging
When it is lit, it may be that the battery has exceeded its service life and needs to be replaced. Please note that only the specified use
Specifications of rechargeable batteries, otherwise it may cause damage to the product or lead to further risks.

5. Regularly remove dust and debris from the surface of the solar panel, which will help improve the charging efficiency of the product.

6. In case of bad weather such as typhoon, hail or heavy snow, it is better to take the product back indoors for better
Protect the product.
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