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Water Misting Cooling System Sprinkler

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Water Misting Cooling System Sprinkler 

Bullet Points:
1、Practical in Use: When playing outdoor games in the hot summer, install this sprinkler kit on the children's trampoline or lawn to achieve the effect of cooling and playing, allowing your children to spend a good time.
2、Multifunctional Design: The kit features the fine mist particles suspended in the air move like wind and smoke with the wind, appearing from time to time, creating a charming landscape effect, and at the same time, the fine mist particles contain a lot of negative ions increasing the oxygen content of air, greatly improving the environment in which people live.
3、Premium Material: The connector of the kit is made of pure copper material and the water hose is made of high-quality eco-friendly non-toxic PE material after ultraviolet processing.
4、Easy to Install: Install the hose on the trampoline or connect the hose to the garden lawn, turn on the faucet and start having fun. This kit can be used not only for trampoline, but also for garden watering, outdoor cooling, etc.
5、Perfect Gift: This kit will be the perfect gift for your children, and they will love it very much.
Optional sets:
5m set accessories: 3/4”inner wire copper connector x 1 (US and European standards for optional), 5m/196.85in water hose x 1, low-pressure atomization copper nozzle x 5, 3-way x 4, 1-way x 1, hose cutter x 1
10m set accessories: 3/4”inner wire copper connector x 1 (US and European standards for optional), 10m/393.70in water hose x 1, low-pressure atomization copper nozzle x 10, 3-way x 9, 1-way x 1, hose cutter x 1
20-meter set accessories: 3/4”inner wire copper connector x 1 (US and European standards for optional), 20m/787.40in water hose x 1, low-pressure atomization copper nozzle x 20, 3-way x 19, 1-way x 1, hose cutter x 1
Material: PE + copper

Packing List:
1 Kit of Misting Cooling System

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